There’s “no climate emergency,” says Italian National Tourism Board
Rome, Italy

There’s “no climate emergency,” says Italian National Tourism Board

ROME — The Italian National Tourism Board (ENIT) is shutting down media reports of a climate emergency, despite soaring temperatures, wildfires and storms wreaking havoc across the country in recent days.

“There is no climate emergency in Italy,” reads a statement by ENIT. “Temperatures are in the seasonal average with some physiological peaks, while storm phenomena are isolated episodes that occurred only in some areas and have already passed.”

ENIT is assuring travellers that the tourist season is “booming” across the destination, with numbers that have far exceeded 2019 for some target segments.

“We are the land of sunshine, good weather and hospitality par excellence. And the numbers confirm that Italy is increasingly attractive,” said Tourism Minister Daniela Santanchè. “I realize that for this reason we represent a very fearsome competitor, inducing some foreign newspapers to exaggerate the narrative about us. But high temperatures are physiological in this season and in no way comprise our tourism offer, which remains solid, quality, varied and sustainable.” 

ENIT President and CEO Ivana Jelinic added: “I would like to reassure visitors who come to Italy from all over the world that here they will find a climate suitable for the summer season without any particular criticality or risk. Come and enjoy Italy in all its splendour in the most luxuriant period.”

Several European countries, including Greece, Spain and Italy, have issued heat warnings in recent weeks, with temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius. In Italy, parts of Rome saw power outages last week as electric grids suffered under heavier demand from air conditioners. Elsewhere in Europe, 4,000 residents on the Canary island of La Palma in Spain were forced to evacuate from their homes on July 15 due to wildfires, just days before a state of emergency was declared on the island of Rhodes where evacuation orders were also issued.

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