The Travel Agent Next Door team at the Toronto roadshow: (front row) Elish Tait, Nicola Gowe, Gillian Newell, Julie Adele, Vivian Imrisek and (back row) Shean Carmichael, Lori McPhee, Flemming Friisdahl, Natalie Simmons, Caley McCarney, Lorraine Ball and Penny Martin

The Travel Agent Next Door hosts roadshows in 10 cities across Canada

TORONTO — The Travel Agent Next Door has kicked off its annual series of roadshows across Canada.

The roadshows are taking place in Moncton, Ottawa, Burlington, London, Markham, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

In total more than 350 travel agents and business partners are expected to attend. That includes four suppliers who are on the road with the TTAND team: Viking River Cruises, NCL, Sandals Resorts and Playa Resorts.

Founder Flemming Friisdahl and VP Penny Martin are leading the roadshow team with local staff joining for different cities for the lunch and dinner format.

Agents are seeing new online and print marketing tools at the events, plus new authorization forms, and getting updates from suppliers.

The roadshows are a great networking event for TTAND’s home-based agents, notes Friisdahl.