The Lufthansa Group on track to becoming carbon-neutral

The Lufthansa Group on track to becoming carbon-neutral

TORONTO — The Lufthansa Group is leading the way towards a sustainable future for the aviation industry with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Noting how travellers not only want to discover the world but also protect it at the same time, the Group has introduced several eco-friendly measures under the hashtag #MakeChangeFly that include converting waste, used vegetable oil and food residue into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Today, The Lufthansa Group is SAF’s top customer in all of Europe.

Utilizing technology and infrastructure together, the Group is also developing solutions to use jet fuel made from CO2 that has been pulled back out of the atmosphere. And to improve efficiency, artificial intelligence is being used to optimize daily operations and flight routes to reduce fuel consumption.

Plus, eco-solutions have also been inspired by nature, as evident by the Group’s compostable cutlery made with bamboo.

According to The Lufthansa Group, the company’s main goal is to connect people, cultures and economies in an even more sustainable way. This ranges from fleet modernization to having less packaging and waste onboard, all of which it says will shape the future of carbon-neutral flying.

For more information on The Lufthansa Group’s sustainable measures, follow the hashtag #MakeChangeFly or go to

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