The Last Tourist now available for streaming on Crave in Canada
G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip

The Last Tourist now available for streaming on Crave in Canada

TORONTO — First released on-demand and in theatres in April 2022, the feature-length documentary, The Last Tourist, is now available for streaming on Crave in Canada.

The film is executive produced by G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip and directed by Tyson Sadler.

The world is a different place than it was two years ago, says Poon Tip, noting that many travellers have changed what they are looking for from their vacation time.

“People are being much more intentional and purposeful with their holiday decisions – they are asking more questions about where their money is going, and whether it is helping to support local communities, which is exactly what we need. Travel wasn’t in a great place pre-pandemic.

“The Last Tourist has already been extremely well received and its timing couldn’t be better as people return to travelling internationally this year. We’re thrilled to have secured a distribution deal with Crave as it means we can reach countless people across Canada with the film’s important messages,” says Poon Tip.

The Last Tourist examines the history of modern tourism, shining a light on a side of the industry that many travellers might be unaware of. It explores important issues including animals suffering for entertainment, orphaned children exploited for profit, and developing economies strained under the massive weight of foreign-owned hotel chains.

Viewers meet local heroes and entrepreneurs who see opportunity for positive change, and are leveraging tourism to preserve cultural heritage, sustain wildlife, and support the social and economic wellbeing of communities. The film empowers audiences with knowledge and inspiration to make a positive impact and fundamentally change the way we travel.

As well as Bruce Poon Tip, The Last Tourist features the world’s leading travel and tourism visionaries including Dr. Jane Goodall (Jane Goodall Institute, United Nations Messenger of Peace), Lek Chailert (Save Elephant Foundation), Gary Knell (National Geographic), Meenu Vadera (Sakha Cabs For Women) and Jonathan Tourtellot (Destination Stewardship Center).

The Last Tourist had its U.S. premiere in March 2022 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and is available on video-on-demand via Apple, iTunes and on HULU.

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