The Airbus A380 couldn’t fit inside a hangar so Munich Airport did this

MUNICH — Munich Airport has become the “butt” of jokes after coming up with a custom solution to house the world’s largest passenger plane.

The Airbus A380, which can hold up to 853 passengers, is 73 metres long, which makes it too large to fit inside a hangar. With the plane’s tail fin sticking outside, the hangar’s doors were forced to stay open at all times. This meant maintenance workers were left shivering in the cold, as November temperatures in Munich average just two degrees.

So what did the airport do? They commissioned the design firm Butzbach to build a set of custom-made doors with a hole in the centre through which the plane’s “butt” could stick through.


On its Facebook page, the airport joked: “This butt is our definition of perfect.”

The airport houses five A380s after Lufthansa transferred more than a third of its A380 fleet from Frankfurt this past summer.

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