Thai villagers wake up to find abandoned jumbo jet in their backyard

Thai villagers wake up to find abandoned jumbo jet in their backyard

CHAI NAT, THAILAND — Just like how Jack looked out his window one day and saw a giant beanstalk in his yard, villagers from Chai Nat in Thailand went through a similar phenomenon that left them equally flabbergasted.

It was reported earlier this week that locals woke up to find an abandoned Boeing 747 plane near their homes. Decked out in Thai Airways’ familiar gold and purple branding, the huge aircraft appeared to have been dropped from the sky overnight, right in the middle of a remote field.

Villagers were not able to inspect the plane as the doors were all shut. But they were able to discover that all of its engines were missing.

The mystery continued…exactly how did it get there with no engines?

Eventually, it came to light that local landowner Somchai Phukieow had purchased the decommissioned jumbo jet at auction, with grandiose plans to transform it into a tourist attraction.

He told reporters that his dream is to build a motor-cross track and football pitch in the field, and have spectators watch matches from inside the plane. An oddity, certainly, but not the craziest tourist trap we’ve heard. For instance, there’s a decaying doll ‘graveyard’ in Isla de Las Munecas, Mexico, an underground hair museum in Avanos, Turkey, and the world’s largest chest of drawers in North Carolina.

Compared to these oddball attractions, an abandoned plane in a field seems downright ordinary.