TDC now offering short-term rentals through HVN

TDC now offering short-term rentals through HVN

MONTREAL — Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has added HVN to its list of preferred partners, which now gives the agency network a leg up in the short-term rental market.

Through HVN, which specializes in the rental of private residences for business and leisure travel, TDC can now offer its customers more than 175,000 professionally-managed apartments, homes and villas around the world on a short-term basis.

TDC now offering short-term rentals through HVN

“HVN is a meaningful addition to our offering, especially in these times of uncertainty,” said Louise Fecteau, General Manager of Transat Distribution Canada. “TDC believes the association with HVN will bring a very relevant vacation option to Canadians in need of a change of scenery, whether within their own borders or abroad, since they will be able to enjoy the privacy and comfort of a full home experience alongside professional standards of cleaning, quality and care.”

Fecteau also applauded HVN for choosing to work exclusively with travel professionals, which she said says a lot about the invaluable role advisors play and will be called upon to play in the future.

“HVN deals with travel professionals throughout their entire process and this should be very reassuring for travellers,” added Fecteau.

On expanding its presence in North America through Canada’s largest leisure network of travel agencies, Meg Partridge, Chief Product Officer of HVN, said: “We look forward to partnering with TDC, a well-respected and established player in the tourism industry, to advance our mission of bringing havens that combine the best of hospitality and home to travellers around the world.”

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