TDC launches new Luxury program for travel professionals

TDC launches new Luxury program for travel professionals

MONTREAL — Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has launched a brand new luxury program that will better equip travel agents to sell this niche market.

According to Louise Fecteau, General Manager of TDC, the program’s launch couldn’t have come at a better time, as a growing number of customers are now enhancing their travel experience with more luxurious products.

“The implementation of our luxury expert program is an important step that will allow travel professionals throughout the TDC network to showcase even better their high added value and, above all, allow them to take advantage of the market sector that is expected to have the highest growth rate by 2027,” she said.

“While TDC has many very active travel professionals in the luxury market, we hope that the program will open up new opportunities for as many of our advisors as possible by introducing them to this lucrative market and its almost limitless scope, which goes far beyond the products many are used to selling.”



The new program is built around three main pillars: a compelling product offering, a dedicated and advanced training program, and strong marketing support.

Of the 70 or so preferred partners that TDC currently has, nearly 50 offer luxury products either partially or exclusively. New suppliers will be added as the needs of its members evolve, said Fecteau.

As for the program’s training component, TDC has created an exclusive Master Class in three levels, each focused on a specific aspect that the advisor must develop. Hosted on its online training platform, TDC Campus, the Master Class is based on the following: ‘What to know’ about the luxury market, ‘How to act’ in order to properly sell luxury to clients, and ‘What to do’ to effectively market one’s expertise. At the end of training, travel advisors will be certified as an expert luxury consultant.

Finally, in terms of marketing, all necessary tools will be provided to advisors, including posters and social media support.

“And because this luxury certification adds even more value to doing business with a travel professional, we have developed a specific luxury variation of our ‘Value of a travel professional’ campaign for our new certified advisors,” added Fecteau. “There is no shortage of ideas to promote this fascinating market segment and we will continue to work on many other marketing projects in the coming months.”

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