Tauck waives single supplement on European riverboat cabins

Tauck waives single supplement on European riverboat cabins

WILTON, CT — Tauck is appealing to solo travellers this year with special savings and the elimination of the single supplement on its Category 1 European riverboat cabins.

The waived supplement applies to every Category 1 cabin on every Tauck riverboat, on every departure of every river cruise itinerary. In all, the single supplement is being waived on over 230 river cruise departures for the coming year.

In addition, the company is reducing the single supplement by up to US$1,000 on 187 departures of 64 itineraries to five continents.

According to Tauck CEO Dan Mahar, the savings, while considerable, are just one of several reasons why solo travellers consistently choose Tauck. “For independent travellers, there’s a lot of work involved in planning and executing an interesting, enriching and authentic vacation, and for a solo traveller, 100% of that work falls on a single person,” said Mahar. “However, on a Tauck tour or cruise, we handle all of the advance planning prior to the trip’s start, and all of the details once the trip is underway, so there’s no burden on the traveller.”

Mahar added that solo travellers appreciate the assurance and camaraderie that comes with group travel. “Choosing Tauck is already a great decision for solo travellers, and with the savings we’re offering it’s an even smarter choice.”

Besides waiving the single supplement on its Category 1 riverboat cabins, Tauck is also taking $1,000 off the price for solo travellers booking Category 4 and 5 cabins on 47 departures of 16 different river cruises.

Elsewhere in Europe, the company has also reduced the single supplement by up to $400 on 66 departures of 21 different land tours. Tauck has been equally thorough in North America, taking up to $300 off the single supplement on 50 departures of 19 itineraries. And within its ‘Exotics’ portfolio, it has trimmed the single supplement by $300 to $600 on 24 departures of 8 trips in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

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