It takes guts (or lack thereof) to eat at London’s nude restaurant

It takes guts (or lack thereof) to eat at London’s nude restaurant

LONDON — We’ve heard of ‘dining & dashing,’ but what about ‘stripping & staying?’ Bunyadi, a newly opened eatery in central London, England is making global headlines not for its organic food or romantic ambiance, but rather for its clothing optional policy.

That’s right – a nude restaurant. And though many will shake their heads over the thought of dining nude, in public, Bunyadi’s long waiting list proves that there are people – lots of them – who are jumping at the chance to strip bare and nosh.

According to CNN, there are currently 46,000 people on the waiting list, which is particularly astonishing considering Bunyadi, a pop-up restaurant, will only be operating for three months this summer.

While patrons have the option to bare all inside the safety of the restaurant, their privacy from the outside world is guaranteed thanks to blacked-out windows, bamboo partitions and a strict no cameras or cellphones policy.

In addition to a small bar area and the main dining room, there are plans to introduce a naked bar area. Naked waitresses deliver trays of intricate dishes such as steak tartare with goji berry, all served in earthenware bowls and with edible cutlery.

Bunyadi’s designer and manager, Ignacio Jimenez Blanco, told CNN that approximately 80% of diners have gotten naked during the restaurant’s trial runs.

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