Swoop launches mobile app, new uniforms

Swoop launches mobile app, new uniforms

CALGARY — Swoop has launched a mobile app in preparation for its first flights starting June 20.

“We live in an increasingly digital world, so providing our travellers with a mobile app to make the travel experience more convenient was paramount for Swoop,” said Steven Greenway, President and Chief Executive Officer of Swoop.

He adds: “The app also allows us to offer inflight entertainment and WiFi connectivity through Swoop Stream, and that’s a key differentiator for a ULCC.”

The app is now available for iOS 10 or newer, and Android 5 or newer, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The app has booking capability. It also allows passengers to manage bookings, check-in, view boarding passes and track flights. Passengers can also access for-purchase WiFi and entertainment amenities.

Using the mobile check-in feature travellers can check-in up to 24 hours prior to the departure time. It gives the option to view and download an electronic boarding pass as well as a last chance to choose flight options, before arrival at the airport.

Swoop has also unveiled its new uniforms, described by Swoop’s Kellie Farrer, Sr. Leader, Inflight as a “modern take on classic styles”.

Pilots will sport their choice of short or long sleeved collared grey shirts paired with charcoal pants and an optional black zip-up cardigan with button tabs for their epaulettes and stitched pin-holes for their pilot wings.

Swoop reps say that in the spirit of keeping it casual, the pilot uniforms will not include a hat or tie.

Cabin crew have several uniform options including a charcoal grey dress or pants that can be paired with a short or long sleeved white collared shirt, with accessories including a black or magenta belt, Swoop neck scarf, cut-away cardigan or zippered cardigan. A custom dress with a mandarin collar is currently in production and will be added and unveiled in the fall.

Customer service agents will wear their own black or charcoal pants with the same white collared shirts that cabin crew members wear. The white button-down collared shirts include details like a Swoop rondelle logo embroidered on the sleeve and grosgrain piping on the collar.

Swoop’s official uniform collection also includes Swoop-branded crew luggage and insulated lunch kit; a form-fitted black jacket with embossed Swoop rondelle logo on the left chest, thumb hole sleeves, and small magenta accents; a black down jacket “for cold Canadian winters”; a grey and magenta Swoop lanyard; bronze pilots wings; and silver brevet-style name badges for cabin crew and customer service agents.

Earlier this year Swoop announced a fourth B737-800 aircraft and an increased weekly frequency schedule out of Hamilton beginning Aug. 16. The addition of the fourth aircraft means an increase of 13 weekly flights that will almost double the daily frequency between Hamilton-Edmonton and Hamilton-Abbotsford. Swoop also added one weekly flight to the schedule for Hamilton-Halifax and Hamilton-Winnipeg, which will now be offered daily.

The increased service is as follows:

  • Hamilton-Edmonton increases from 7 to 13x weekly
  • Hamilton-Abbotsford increases from 6 to 11x weekly (from Aug. 16-Sept. 5 only, reverting to 6 weekly flights from Sept. 6-Dec. 13, 2018)
  • Hamilton-Halifax increases from 6 to 7x weekly
  • Hamilton-Winnipeg increases from 6 to 7x weekly

The increases will see Swoop operating 59 weekly flights as of Aug. 16.

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