Swoop launches a new hoodie that comes with a $500 flight voucher

Swoop launches a new hoodie that comes with a $500 flight voucher

CALGARY — Imagine a hoodie that’s not only dubbed the warmest ever, but it also comes with a roundtrip plane ticket to paradise.

This is exactly what Swoop is offering to celebrate the launch of its brand new clothing line, Swoopwear, featuring a signature item coined as ‘The Warmest Hoodie Ever.’ While the hoodie itself is a simple cotton and polyester blend, it’s considered ‘the warmest ever’ because each limited-edition hoodie comes with roundtrip airfare to a sunny destination of the customer’s choice. 

Swoop is selling only 100 hoodies priced at $99 each, before tax. Each hoodie comes with a $500 flight voucher, which according to the airline, is enough to buy customers a plane ticket one of its popular sun destinations. The ultra-low-cost carrier offers over 100 flights weekly to 13 destinations across the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.

In an official release, Swoop says that many travellers often say how Swoop flights cost less than “a pair of designer jeans” or “a tank of gas.” To bring this concept to life, the airline launched the ‘Warmest Hoodie Ever’ to remind Canadians how affordable it is to escape to the sun with Swoop.

“We’re kind of joking, all hoodies are warm, but this one gets you a $500 flight voucher, which can buy you a plane ticket somewhere warm with Swoop,” reads the release.

For full terms and conditions of The Warmest Hoodie Ever, click here

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