‘Supernatural’ dolls allowed their own seats on Thai airline
Credit: cnn.com

‘Supernatural’ dolls allowed their own seats on Thai airline

So we’ve already told you about a turkey on a plane. And don’t forget about the fat dog in First Class. Now comes reports that ‘supernatural’ dolls are being issued seats and even served snacks and beverages onboard Thai planes.

CNN reports that Thai Smile Airways, a subsidiary of Thailand’s flag carrier Thai Airways, recently instructed staff to allow passengers to purchase a seat for their ‘Luk Thep’ dolls. These supernatural or ‘child angel’ dolls are all the rage in Thailand, believed to possess a child’s spirit and bring good fortune. As a result, many Thais have taken to treating them like real children.

According to an internal Thai Smile memo, these dolls must be buckled up like human passengers and offered snacks and drinks during flights. And as with real children, they’re barred from sitting in exit rows. Well, obviously.

For more, go to cnn.com/2016/01/26/aviation/thai-smile-airways-luk-thep-doll/.