Sunwing Travel Group launches The Sunwing Foundation
Stephen Hunter, CEO, Sunwing Travel Group.

Sunwing Travel Group launches The Sunwing Foundation

TORONTO — Sunwing Travel Group this week launched The Sunwing Foundation, a Hunter family charitable initiative that supports the company’s enduring commitment to making positive and impactful contributions in the communities in which it operates.

Pledging to match all funds raised through the airline’s ‘Spare Change’ program, The Sunwing Foundation will take no administration fees, ensuring that every penny is directed to the people that need it most.

Sunwing has a history of providing financial and physical support to humanitarian causes, having already raised over $600,000 in support of ONEXONE, as well as a variety of critical initiatives ranging from important health and development projects to rescue flights and humanitarian relief during natural disasters.

“Now, through the establishment of The Sunwing Foundation, the company will take the pilot’s seat in spearheading carefully selected projects in the communities in which it operates that promote training, education and youth development,” said Sunwing.

“Working with like-minded organizations and local governments, funds raised through The Sunwing Foundation will go directly towards projects which strengthen communities, improve quality of life and help secure a successful future for local youth.”

“We have always believed that access to education, training and development prepares a community for growth and success,” said Stephen Hunter, CEO, Sunwing Travel Group. “The aim of The Sunwing Foundation is to support the development of sustainable programs and facilities in the communities that have welcomed Sunwing and our customers with open arms.”

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