Sunwing helps pull off romantic proposal above the clouds
Behfar Sanjari and Golnar Adhami

Sunwing helps pull off romantic proposal above the clouds

TORONTO — When Sunwing’s Group Sales team got the call from a man in love to help pull off the proposal of a lifetime, they were determined to make it happen – at 30,000 feet, no less.

The plan was first set in motion by Golnar Adhami, who reached out to Sunwing for help with proposing to his girlfriend, Behfar Sanjari. The couple had met 17 years ago at a party but only recently reconnected in 2021. Fast forward to January 2023, Adhami and Sanjari, along with their family and friends, found themselves on a plane to Cancun for a fun-filled vacation.

It was on that Sunwing flight from Toronto to Cancun where Adhami, with cabin crew at his side, took over the intercom to deliver a heartfelt message. 

“Good morning, beautiful people. In front of all our new friends and your family, and I hope to say my future family – my love, will you marry me?” he said. 

Sanjari yelled out a resounding “Yes!” from the middle of the aisle before embracing Adhami, who knelt before her on one knee.

According to Adhami, the sky-high proposal checked off every item on his wish list: it was the kind of grand gesture his girlfriend – now fiancée – deserved, her family was present and involved, and it came as a complete surprise to Sanjari.

To view video of his proposal, click here

“It all happened so fast,” said Sanjari. “I kept dozing in and out of sleep, up until the moment I heard Behfar’s voice echoing on the intercom. My heart was racing and I had a thousand thoughts going through my head. 

“I don’t have words to express my thoughts at that moment, but I do know I was grateful that despite the adversities thrown our way, we stuck together through all of life’s turbulence and came out above it all, on top of the clouds. If you ask me, I didn’t want that flight to end and I still find myself rewatching our proposal video every day, shedding tears of happiness.”Sanjari added that their vacation “came out more beautiful than we could have imagined,” and that their engagement “ended up becoming the highlight and theme of the trip.”

As for their future wedding, the couple found such success in the air that they’re even considering paradise as their destination of choice. Any guesses as to which airline they’ll book with? 

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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