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Sunwing has more details about PCR testing in destination

TORONTO — Sunwing reps are available in destination to offer on-the-ground support and provide passengers with information on new testing requirements, says the tour operator.

Sunwing spokesperson Melanie Filipp tells Travelweek that testing in destination will vary depending on the location.

“At this time and until a list of approved laboratories is provided by the Canadian government, travellers in destination will be able to take a PCR test from any testing facility so long as it is accredited by a government organization or a valid professional association, or has ISO accreditation,” she says.

Assistance from Sunwing’s in destination reps includes everything from guidance on accredited PCR testing facilities to transportation to and from a testing facility if needed.

In some cases, clinic staff may be available to conduct PCR tests at the resort, says Filipp, adding that Sunwing’s local reps can help determine if a PCR test can be administered by any of the accredited testing facilities at a hotel.

She adds: “While our representatives are an invaluable resource and will make every effort to assist customers with navigating these new testing requirements, it is the traveller’s sole responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the regulations and have obtained a valid COVID-19 test prior to their flight departure.” Sunwing cannot guarantee appointment availability of the timing to receive test results, she adds.

“We expect that the Canadian government will release a formal list of approved testing facilities soon and will provide this to our customers in destination, and those with upcoming bookings, once it is available.”

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