Summer sale on professional virtual reality headsets, now only $119

Summer sale on professional virtual reality headsets, now only $119

TORONTO — Curious about how virtual reality technology might help your agency? There’s never been a better time to find out. Explor VR by Travelweek is now offering professional headsets for $119 each, for a limited time only.

“We have seen how excited agents are about virtual reality, and the amazing reactions it elicits from their clients who put on a headset and get transported to a faraway land, sparking that desire to travel,” says Devin Kinasz, Director of Digital Strategy of Travelweek and President of Explor VR. “Our amazing headset manufacturer, Zeiss, a world leader in optical technology, offered us a price discount and now we are passing those savings on to agents.”

Zeiss manufactures Explor VR’s professional virtual reality headsets, designed for agency use simply by downloading the app and inserting your smartphone into the headset. Normally priced at $159, this limited time summer sale is now offering these devices for only $119, available at

“There are a lot of headsets available on the market right now, but trust me, after months of testing dozens of devices, we know there are many duds on the market, which is why we have partnered with Zeiss,” says Kinasz. “Zeiss has been in the business of optics for more than 160 years, so when it comes to VR headsets, they are the best. Easy to use. Great view. No fogging.”

The Explor VR professional headset made by Zeiss supports smartphones with screen sizes between 4.7 and 5.5 inches, like iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy and more. Thanks to the universal tray, most smartphone models are supported. Agents just need to download the Explor VR app from the App Store or Google Play and they are ready to go.

“We are getting absolute rave reviews from those early adopting agents who see the potential, and who are using the technology in their shop and at events,” continues Kinasz. “I have seen hundreds of people use VR and their reaction when they take off the headset is always ‘wow – that is so cool! I want to go there!’ which is the perfect emotional state for a client to be in when you’re trying to make a sale.”

The headset sale is for a limited time only; see now.

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