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Spotted on Airbnb: $15/night igloo in someone’s backyard

CALGARY — How much would you pay to not have to live in an igloo?

We’re guessing quite a lot. But for those of you whose idea of fun is to spend the night in a room made of ice, this one’s for you.

According to CTV, Airbnb has posted a listing for overnight stays in an actual igloo located in the backyard of a Calgary resident’s home. Described as “one of the quietest and warmest ways to enjoy the winter months”, the humble abode even comes with a few amenities, like free parking, a first aid kit, access to an outdoor firepit, a complimentary bundle of wood, a sleeping pad and mylar space blankets for added comfort.

What it doesn’t include, however, is a kitchen, a bathroom or Wi-Fi.

Still, the nine-foot igloo, which accommodates two people comfortably, is considered a steal for just $15 a night, even if guests are advised to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows.

“The purpose of putting the igloo on Airbnb is to share the experience of winter camping that we as a family enjoy,” the ad reads. “You get to experience it without being stuck in the back country for your first time and if you don’t like it you can head back to the safety and warmth of your home.”

There are no booking dates currently available. Fingers crossed bookings will open before the spring thaw sets in.

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