Tourist Office of Spain
Sara Sánchez, Tourist Office of Spain, Carlos Gómez-Múgica Sanz, Ambassador of Spain in Canada (Ottawa), Laura Pena, Consul in Charge of Tourism Affairs Toronto, Annie Sibonney, Master of Ceremony and Food journalist, and Alegria Narvaez, Tourist Office of Spain

Spain highlights its growing economy and gastronomical delights

TORONTO — The Ambassador of Spain, Carlos Gómez-Mújica Sanz, and the Consul in Charge of Tourism Affairs, Laura Pena Alberdi, hosted a gala dinner ‘Marca Espaῆa’ to highlight the growing Spanish economy and the gastronomical delights on offer in Spain.

“Spain has passed through difficult times, but the government has implemented difficult measures and now the news coming out of Spain is much better, employment is increasing and growth is rebounding,” says Gómez-Mújica Sanz. “This is an indicator of the strength and character of our country.”

Spanish GDP is expected to increase by about 1.2% in 2014, after years of contracting or stagnating growth. Tourism is playing an important role in the revival, as Spain hosts over 58 million visitors a year and tourism represents 9% of GDP.

“Spain is a global power in cultural resources,” continues Gómez-Mújica Sanz. “And gastronomy is one of the most distinctive elements of Spanish culture and a key draw for tourists. The culinary offering is based on tradition and innovation.”

The gala dinner showcased Spanish delights created by Chef Michael Caballo from Edulis restaurant in Toronto including albacore tuna with tomato ‘chorizo’, pig trotter with squid ‘migas’ and duck breast with foie gras. Everything was delicious and paired with lovely Spanish wines.

“Spain is a gastronomical paradise and eating those foods within the cultural context makes you a part of that place. Spain is unique because you always have that expectation of quality. I should know because I have spent years eating my way through Spain,” says master of ceremonies, TV host and food journalist Annie Sibonney.

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