Photo credit: Transportation Security Administration via AP

Someone packed a gun-shaped toilet paper roller in their carry-on bag

NEWARK, N.J. — In the latest installment of ‘What’s In Your Bag?’, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty Airport discovered one heck of a toilet paper roller earlier this week.

The item in question, which was packed in a male passenger’s carry-on bag and flagged after going through the X-ray machine, was revealed to be a realistic replica of a handgun. Rather than spit out bullets, it was designed to spin out paper instead.

Harmless or not, travellers are not permitted to bring real or replica firearms through security checkpoints.

TSA says it gave the man the option to place it in a checked bag, hand it off to a companion or surrender it. He decided to give it to TSA.

TSA has amassed a huge collection of questionable carry-on items from airports across the U.S. Its Instagram account reads like a photo archive of dangerous and outrageous objects passengers have tried to carry onboard their flights. Here are a few examples:

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