Softvoyage expands with Pythagoras acquisition

Softvoyage expands with Pythagoras acquisition

MONTREAL — Softvoyage has acquired a majority stake in Pythagoras, a Buenos Aires-based travel technology company.

Softvoyage co-founder Moise Levy says Pythagoras, as one of the leaders in travel technology in South America, is very similar to Softvoyage in terms of its products and customer bases.

Levy adds: “Travel e-commerce is rapidly increasing in South America and with Softvoyage products and expertise in this area, we will be focusing on working with Pythagoras to improve and increase travel distribution for all of their clients. We also forecast good growth opportunities for the Pythagoras product in North America. They have developed over the years very innovating technology. Both parties feel this agreement is a win-win for both companies and its employees but most importantly, for our customers.”

Paolo Setien, managing director of Pythagoras says the Pythagoras business is “better than ever” and adds that the company is thrilled with the new opportunities that lie ahead. The Pythagoras team of travel specialists will now collaborate with the Softvoyage team and will integrate Softvoyage’s technology for the benefit of Pythagoras clients in South America. “Our clients will now have access to many new possibilities and opportunities,” says Setien.

Levy says the Pythagoras leadership team will continue to run the day-to-day business from Buenos Aires and will remain active in the company, keeping their existing roles.