So this just happened: Woman and her emotional support squirrel kicked off flight

So this just happened: Woman and her emotional support squirrel kicked off flight

ORLANDO — Booking a seat on a plane is a bit like playing Russian roulette – you never know who you’re going to sit next to.

It could be anyone from a perfectly nice stranger to a wailing baby. Or, if you were on Frontier Airlines Flight 1612 flying from Orlando to Cleveland on Tuesday night, you may very well have ended up next to a squirrel.

The squirrel in question was brought onboard by a female passenger who claimed the rodent was an emotional support animal. According to Frontier, the woman noted in her reservation that she would be travelling with an emotional support animal, but did not specify the species of the animal.

After boarding the plane, the woman was advised of Frontier’s No Rodents policy and was asked to deplane. However, she refused to disembark, prompting Orlando police to escort both the woman and the squirrel off the plane.

To make matters worse, all passengers onboard were required to disembark too. Talk about a squirrely situation!

While back in the main terminal, video captured the moment when the female passenger was escorted through the crowd. Passengers can be heard cheering and jeering while the woman is seen pumping her fist in the air and flipping off the crowd.

This is just the latest example of passengers boarding flights with bizarre emotional support animals. Back in January, a woman tried to get through security at Newark airport with a peacock, while in November 2017, a woman boarded a US Airways flight with a rowdy pig. And who could forget the image of a living, breathing turkey sitting in a seat on a Delta flight back in 2016?

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