SkyGreece flight cancellations spur rumours of bankruptcy

SkyGreece flight cancellations spur rumours of bankruptcy

TORONTO – Passengers have been left stranded after SkyGreece flights from Toronto were cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday. Another flight from Toronto was delayed by four days last week. Telephone messages at SkyGreece say the flights have been cancelled for ‘operations reasons’.

Unsubstantiated rumours have been circulating the web that SkyGreece may be facing bankruptcy. No members of the SkyGreece team have been available for comment, but the company is expected to release a statement today.

Global News reports that founder Ken Stathakis says bankruptcy romours are “a bunch of BS” and that SkyGreece is grounded at Person for non-payment of landing fees to GTAA.

Frustrated and stranded passengers have been venting on social media platforms, even creating a Facebook group called SkyGreeceTroubles with 453 members as of Thursday morning. SkyGreece, on the other hand, has removed their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“My mother’s flight got delayed indefinitely with SkyGreece,” says Victor, a concerned Toronto resident. “I am extremely frustrated because I cannot get a straight answer about what’s going on, so I have gone ahead and spent a lot of money with another airline, so that my mother can get to Canada.”

SkyGreece was founded in 2012 by four Greek-Canadian entrepreneurs – Vasilis Alefantis, Ken Stathakis, Father Nicholas Alexandris and Panagiotis Chilakos – using the expertise of ex-Olympic Airlines employees.

SkyGreece Airlines began operations in Canada with flights to Greece in May 2015 and flights to Croatia and Hungary in June, with an introductory 15% commission for agents.

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