Sheraton turns flight delays into giveaways with 'Delight My Delay'

Sheraton turns flight delays into giveaways with ‘Delight My Delay’

STAMFORD — Sheraton Hotels and Resorts is helping flight delays become just a bit more bearable. Just in time for the holiday rush, Sheraton is launching ‘Delight my Delay’, a campaign that lets passengers convert their travel delays into opportunities to win prizes.

Select consumers who are stuck in the craze of the holiday frenzy – whether it’s waiting to find a cab, spending extra time in line at a store or facing delays at the airport – can follow and tweet at @sheratonhotels with their travel delay and #delightdelaysweeps for the chance to receive a direct message featuring a unique code that unlocks a prize from the Sheraton “Delight my Delay” site.

Two kiosks that will be featured are New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 7 from Dec. 21-24 and Dubai International Airport throughout January. Sheraton ‘Delight my Delay’ will also come to life in airports and major travel destinations around the world to help delight as many travellers as possible, said the company. The kiosks will be giving away tech gifts, care packages and of course Sheraton resort getaways.

“There’s a reason they say the holidays are the most wonderful time of year – it’s a time when you can get together with loved ones, celebrate the year and enjoy some time off. But it’s a season that can also be filled with stress, whether it’s checking off your gift shopping list or dealing with delayed flights and missed connections,” said Dave Marr, Global Brand Leader for Sheraton Hotels and Resorts. “In keeping true with our mission to provide effortless travel experiences for our guests, Sheraton is putting its own spin on one of the biggest pain points of the holidays and giving consumers the opportunity to get a little extra delight in their day.”

For more information, visit and follow along @sheratonhotels #delightdelaysweeps.