Selfies end up as cappuccinos at this London cafe

Selfies end up as cappuccinos at this London cafe

LONDON — It’s called a ‘Selfieccino’ and it’s the best thing to hit pop culture since, well, selfies.

The Tea Terrace in London has gained a huge following on social media after debuting its ‘Selfieccino’, a custom-made cappuccino or hot chocolate that uses an image of customers’ faces as a frothy topping.

How it’s made sounds easy enough. A customer sends the café their headshot along with their order via an online messaging app. A barista then uploads the image to the cappuccino machine, where it’s scanned and reproduced onto the froth using food colouring. The entire process takes around four minutes.

Once complete, you’ll have a drink unlike anywhere else on earth, featuring your likeness and costing about US$7.50. Over 400 ‘Selfieccinos’ have been sold since launching last weekend, with hundreds of selfies featuring the drink already uploaded to social media platforms.

Search for the hashtag #selfieccino to see some incredible barista art!

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