Security scare leads to Frankfurt Airport evacuation
Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Security scare leads to Frankfurt Airport evacuation

BERLIN — Police evacuated part of a terminal at Germany’s biggest airport this morning over concerns that at least one person might have gotten through the facility’s security area without being screened.

Federal police stopped boarding flights in area A of Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1 around midday and cleared the security area. The precautions were lifted about two hours later.

Police spokeswoman Julia Thiel told The Associated Press that “there were indications that at least one person” entered a secure area without being checked so the area had to be cleared.

It wasn’t immediately known how many people were affected.

Police tweeted after about two hours that “the affected areas are open and operations are in progress again.”

Police later said on Twitter that the midday evacuation was prompted by a security assistant mistakenly allowing the French family of four into the secure area even though they were supposed to be subject to a secondary screening.

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