This ‘secret’ button will instantly give you more space on a plane

This ‘secret’ button will instantly give you more space on a plane

TORONTO — You’re not imagining it, airplane seats really are getting smaller. Seats have gotten considerably more narrow since the 1980s to add more passengers onboard, hence increasing airline revenue. But did you know that aisle seats come equipped with a ‘secret’ button that, when pushed, gives passengers a bit more wiggle room?

According to The Independent, this button – which few people know about – allows you to lift the armrest on the aisle, which instantly provides more legroom and breathing space. It can be tricky to find, though – feel under the armrest until you find a tiny button close to the hinge. Pressing it will release the armrest and allow passengers to move it up to sit flush with the back of their seat.

The button was initially designed to allow passengers to escape quickly in the event of an emergency. Flight crews also utilize it to help special assistance passengers into their seats.

We can’t wait to try out this hack next time we fly. Let us know in the meantime if you’ve discovered the secret for yourselves!

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