Many of the rescued animals being treated by Minton Farm Rescue Centre have burns to their foot pads, including a rescued kangaroo. Credit: Minton Farm Rescue Center

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens help to save Australia’s wildlife

CHERRY GARDENS, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — Australia’s animals are getting some much needed help from SeaWorld & Busch Gardens in the form of an Emergency Crisis Grant.

The grant, which has been approved by the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund (SWBGCF), will go to the Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre located in South Australia, which is on the forefront of support efforts in the wake of the massive bushfires sweeping the country. To date an estimated 15 million acres have burned and 1 billion animals have lost their lives.


An echidna being treated for its injuries. Credit: Minton Farm Rescue Center

The farm will use the grant to purchase medical supplies and medicines to treat the sick and injured, and to extend and add enclosures to accommodate rescued patients.

“Support from the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is absolutely vital to our emergency efforts,” explained Bev Langley, Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre founder. “We are desperately trying to keep up with the wildlife that is brought in by our volunteers but we are quickly going through supplies and running out of room to accommodate everyone’s critical needs. This funding will aid our ability to care for rescued animals and give them the best chance of survival and ultimately a return to the wild. We are indebted and forever grateful for the generosity, support and kind thoughts through this difficult time of fire and heat waves.”

The Conservation Fund has provided support to wildlife and rescue organizations in Australia since 2005 including previous fire related emergencies.

Dr. Hendrik Nollens, President of the Conservation Fund said, “Minton Farm is on the front lines of this crisis, working around the clock to help save as many animals as possible. The quick work of the Conservation Fund in approving this grant speaks to our shared mission of animal rescue and wildlife conservation.

“Australia is home to many unique species, including the greatest percentage of marsupials in the world. Previous support from the Fund has allowed Minton Farm to progress in updating their facility, including healthy and thriving eucalyptus plantations to assist in feeding the koalas as well as specific medical equipment to help diagnosis and treat illnesses. Our hearts go out to the people and animals impacted in this latest wildlife crisis.”

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