Seabourn announces 2023 voyages on its two new expedition ships
Seabourn expedition ships - Wintergarden Suite

Seabourn announces 2023 voyages on its two new expedition ships

SEATTLE — Seabourn has announced new voyages for summer 2023 on its two new purpose-built expedition ships, Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit.

The program includes the line’s first-ever voyages to the Northeast and Northwest Passages in the Arctic.

Seabourn Venture will depart July 29, 2023, for a 26-day journey across the Northeast Passage from Tromsø, Norway to Nome, Alaska. Sister ship Seabourn Pursuit, which is scheduled to launch in March 2023, will offer a 21-day adventure to the Northwest Passage departing August 27, 2023, from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Nome.

The expedition ships will be designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards.

These voyages, as well as the entire summer 2023 season, are now open for sale and additional details are available on

Seabourn announces 2023 voyages on its two new expedition ships

Rendering of Seabourn Venture

“Our Northeast Passage and Northwest Passage are truly epic itineraries that are perfect for travellers who want to explore regions less traveled, and take in the landscapes, nature and wildlife they never thought they would ever see,” said Josh Leibowitz, President of Seabourn.

Scheduled to launch on March 2023, Seabourn Pursuit will explore the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland and the Canadian Arctic during its maiden season, starting with a 12-day Wild & Ancient Scotland & Iceland pre-inaugural voyage departing on March 23, 2023 from Amsterdam to Reykjavik. The ship will then operate a 14-day Lands of Fire & Ice inaugural voyage departing April 4, 2023 roundtrip from Reykjavik. The ship will wind its way along the coast of Greenland and Iceland.

Seabourn announces 2023 voyages on its two new expedition ships

Seabourn expedition ships – Seabourn Square Aft deck

Following its launch and inaugural voyage, Seabourn Pursuit will offer a 14-day Lands of Fire & Ice in Greenland and Iceland, followed by a series of explorations of the Arctic Circle from Norway, most with Seabourn’s popular Svalbard Experience in the mix, including a 14-day Norway & Iceland Polar Bears & Puffins. A series of 14- and 15-day voyages between Greenland and Iceland will follow, as well as a 12-Day Bering Sea & Inside Passage Cruise visiting destinations along the coasts of Alaska and B.C.

Seabourn Venture will embark on its second year of operation in summer 2023, exploring the Arctic, Scotland, Norway and the Russian Arctic. The ship will begin its summer season on May 12, 2023, with a 10-day Wild Isles of Scotland and Iceland voyage from London to Reykjavik. The ship will then offer a 12-Day Fjords of the Norwegian Sea voyage, followed by a series of 11- and 12-day expeditions exploring Arctic Svalbard from Norway. In mid-July, the ship will sail on a 14-day Norway, Novaya Zemlya & Franz Joseph Land expedition. After the Northeast Passage journey, Seabourn Venture will explore the Russian Far East with a 14-day Wild Coasts of Kamchatka expedition in August and 14-day Volcanoes & Wildlife of the Kuril Islands voyage in September 2023.

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