Savings worth more than 40% with Escapes by Globus in 2019-2020

TORONTO — Clients heading to Europe off-season with Escapes by Globus can save an average of more than 40% on their late fall to early spring vacations.

Globus family of brands’ Stéphanie Bishop says Escapes by Globus is a compilation of the company’s most popular itineraries in Europe with departure dates November through March.

Bishop says the company’s Escapes portfolio has doubled in two years, fuelled by increased demand.

“It’s such a great idea: you get the same scenery and the same sights for much less,” says Bishop. “The heat is off, the crowds are halved and the locals have the time to spend connecting with visitors. And you still benefit from our planned excursions, the support and advice of your Tour Director and personal recommendations from expert local guides.” Escapes itineraries are available for less than Cdn$130 per day (airfare not included).”

Escapes by Globus also waives the single supplement, she adds.

Here’s a look at some of the price points (excluding airfare) for Escapes by Globus itineraries for fall 2019 and spring 2020 …

  • Scottish Highlands Escape – 6 days (from Edinburgh to Glasgow), priced from $889
  • South of Ireland Escape – 6 days (from Limerick to Dublin), priced from $889
  • Imperial Escape – 7 days (from Budapest to Prague), priced from $919
  • Irish Escape – 7 days (from Dublin to Dublin), priced from $999
  • Greek Escape – 7 days (from Athens to Athens), priced from $999
  • Sicilian Escape – 7 days (from Palermo to Taormina Riviera), priced from $999
  • British Escape – 7 days (from London to Edinburgh), priced from $1,139
  • Portuguese Escape – 8 days (from Lisbon to Lisbon), priced from $1,259
  • Swiss Escape – 8 days (from Zurich to Lugano), priced from $1,259
  • Dutch Escape – 8 days (from Amsterdam to Amsterdam), priced from $1,259
  • Spanish Escape – 9 days (from Madrid to Barcelona), priced from $1,389
  • French Escape – 7 days (from Paris to Nice), priced from $1,389
  • Italian Escape – 7 days (from Rome to Venice), priced from $1,389
  • Croatian Escape – 9 days (from Ljubljana to Zagreb), priced from $1,479

A full list of European Escapes is available at, as well as off-season escorted vacations to North America, South America and Africa. Agents can also check out

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