Sandra Oh returns in second commercial for Air Canada

TORONTO — Beloved Canadian actress Sandra Oh has reprised her role in Air Canada’s new campaign, once again telling passengers to ‘travel like a Canadian’.

In the second installment of the campaign (and Oh’s final as its main star), a woman is seen standing by a baggage carousel, debating whether to help an elderly lady offload her luggage before hers. This, she fears, would mean missing her bag and having to wait for it to make one more go around the carousel.

And then, a voice in her head pops up, reminding her to do the right thing: “Judy, TLC, Travel Like a Canadian.”

The voice belongs to Oh who’s actually standing right behind her. Oh tells her, “Do the Canadian thing and help her with her bag.”

But then, a plot twist! The ‘elderly’ lady in need of help is seen hoisting Judy’s bag high above her head before plunking it down at Judy’s feet. “This yours?” she says. “I’ve been TLC-ing long before TLC was even a thing.”

Gotta love Canadians!

Air Canada’s ‘Travel Like a Canadian’ campaign is expected to feature more celebrity collaborations in the future. We can’t wait to see who will pop up next!

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