Russell Crowe furious over Virgin Australia hoverboard ban

Russell Crowe furious over Virgin Australia hoverboard ban

TORONTO — Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe did not take kindly when told by airport security that his children’s hoverboards would not be allowed in the plane’s hold on a Virgin Australia flight.

He took to Twitter as an outlet for his anger.

Hoverboards, a popular holiday gift, have been beset with controversy after reports emerged of the boards bursting into flames. While the cause of the fires remains unknown, consumer safety probes suggest the problem may lie with the lithium batteries or faulty plugs. Virgin Australia quickly responded to the upset actor via Twitter, highlighting that many airlines have banned the boards.

Russell, apparently having missed the memo, tweeted:

The airline promptly tweeted back saying the information is available upon ticket confirmation and pre-flight correspondence.

Crowe has vowed to “never again” fly with Virgin Australia and ended the exchange by retweeting a parent’s reply thanking him for the warning, CNN reports.

Many airlines, including British Airways, Qantas, Emirates and Qatar, are rapidly banning hoverboards.

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