Riviera releases guide to help agents increase group sales
Credit: Riviera River Cruises

Riviera releases guide to help agents increase group sales

FORT LAUDERDALE — Riviera River Cruises has released a new guide designed to help advisors boost group sales.

The new toolkit provides advice on groups suitable to solicit for bookings, how to promote group bookings, travel advisor-friendly policies and benefits of booking with Riviera. The guide is now available through the agency portal on Riviera’s website.

“With Americans starting to make travel arrangements again, it’s a great time for the agency community to learn about how group bookings can help jump-start their business,” said Marilyn Conroy, Riviera River Cruises’ Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing North America. “We offer generous tour conductor and group benefits, and we’re the only line that will take your requested space out of inventory and hold it for eight weeks without a deposit, even on our solo cruises. Our sales staff is ready to be your go-to for group bookings.”

The new Guide to Group Bookings includes information on:

  • Groups to solicit for bookings, including affinity groups, alumni organizations, country clubs, senior centers and faith-based groups.
  • The fact that there is no initial deposit to hold requested space for up to eight weeks.
  • Free tour conductor beds based on the number of paying passengers.
  • Perks like in-cabin amenities, cocktail parties and shipboard credits based on the number of paying passengers.
  • Pre- and post-cruise flight and hotel arrangements, and travel insurance.
  • Riviera’s itineraries, including dedicated solo cabins and solo departures.


For more information visit rivierarivercruises.com.

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