RIU updates loyalty program, making it easier to earn and redeem points

PALME DE MALLORCA — RIU Hotels & Resorts has revamped its RIU Class loyalty program with brand new benefits for its most loyal customers.

With thousands of members joining the program since its inception in 1997, the program is now easier for RIU Class members in the Classic, Gold and Diamond categories to earn and redeem points.

Members can redeem the points that they earn as soon as they wish, with no minimum. Regardless of who pays for the trip or where it was booked, customers earn 10 points per night at RIU hotels, 20 points per night at RIU Plaza hotels, and 30 points per night at RIU Palace hotels. 

Points are also worth more – 10 points are equivalent to US$1. Customers can redeem them from just one point, both the bookings made on RIU.com and for extra costs at the hotel.

New benefits include access to the exclusive Elite Club and a room upgrade during their stay (subject to availability at the hotel for RIU Class Gold members, and guaranteed for RIU Class Diamond customers). Other benefits include rates for RIU class members, online pre-check-in, hotel requests, or an exclusive queue at check-in. 

Customers who stay more than 30 nights at RIU will earn a RIU Class Gold card; those who stay more than 60 nights will earn their RIU Class Diamond card.

In addition, the new RIU Class has an innovative website that’s more user-friendly and easier to browse. 

“We want to offer our members a transparent program that is simple to use and easy to manage, with the clear objective of providing an exceptional experience to our community that is currently made up of almost five million members – and continues to grow,” says Marta Ferrer, Director of RIU Class.

“Our loyalty system has always been open to providing points for stays to RIU Class members, regardless of the booking channel, to reward their loyalty to RIU.”

For more information go to https://www.riu.com/riu-class/.


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