Report: ArriveCAN might finally be on its way out
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Report: ArriveCAN might finally be on its way out

TORONTO — Could ArriveCAN finally be on its way out?

A report in the Toronto Star says several sources have indicated that the federal government is looking at jettisoning the vaccination mandate at the border and scrapping random testing as well.

Random testing was suspended on June 11, only to be brought back July 19.

The report also says the government is looking at moves that could bring about ArriveCAN’s demise as well.

Picked up in the Toronto Sun, indications are that the vaccination requirement for foreign nationals coming into Canada could end by Sept. 30.

Meanwhile ArriveCAN could be phased into an optional, but not mandatory, method for customs declaration.

And what about masks? The reports suggest that sources say some in the federal government are ready to drop the mask requirement for travel, however Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos is reportedly pushing for the mask mandate to stay in place at least until after the Thanksgiving holiday break.

WestJet has been among the most vocal proponents of dropping the mask requirement, saying that mask compliance continues to be a major factor in disruptive behaviour onboard its aircraft.

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