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Register now for ‘ISRAEL | TOURISM 3.0’

TORONTO — Registration has opened for ‘ISRAEL | TOURISM 3.0,’ an online event that will not only highlight the destination’s recovery plan but also imagines the state of travel and the world in the future.

Taking place on Jan. 20 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST, the two-hour event will be hosted by Gal Hana, Israel Consul of Tourism for Canada and include various panels discussing the state of travel and tourism in Israel today and tomorrow.

Two guest keynotes are scheduled to speak at the event:

  • Yanki Margalit: Entrepreneur, high-tech pioneer, social leader and seasoned investor, Margalit will address how the COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for technology
  • Ian Yeoman: Regarded as the world’s only professional futurologist specializing in travel and tourism, Yeoman will use innovative future scenarios to discuss how tourism will have changed by the year 2050 and whether we should be scared of what’s to come or embrace the unknown


Said Margalit: “Over the last few decades we have experienced accelerated development and progress driven by innovation and technology. 2020 is a pivotal year, the COVID-19 pandemic is acting as a sharp borderline between the old and the new. The focus is now on understanding who will survive in this new, accelerated and divided world.”

In addition, a Hotel panel will comprise representatives from Dan Hotels, Prima Hotels and Abraham Hostels, while a Wholesaler Panel will include Peerless Travel, Nazarene Tours and Eshet Tours. There’ll also be a Technology panel featuring representatives from leading Israeli tech innovators, namely Gamitee, Bridgify and Pruvo.

The event, adds Hana, will aim to bring together various bright minds and forward thinkers to identify what’s needed to restart travel.

“As the world moves forward faster than ever before in history, and the uncertainty increases constantly, there is an increasing need for the ability to interpret the signs of a clear vision in which we can make optimal decisions,” he says. “ISRAEL | TOURISM 3.0’s vision will do exactly that –draw a line between the dots and prepare for the restart of travel with a better understanding of the future world.

“With keynote speakers such as Yanki Margalit and Ian Yeoman and main stakeholders from the industry, it will be the best place to be.”

Key sponsors of ISRAEL | TOURISM 3.0 include Air Canada, Canada-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Thinking North, and Tel Aviv Uni.

To register click here.

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