Western Quebec upgrades prizing to 6-night stay for today’s webinar

Register for Quebec webinar for a chance to win a 2-night stay

TORONTO — Travel agents can win a two-night stay in Quebec with the upcoming Discover Québec webinar on Nov. 8.

Scheduled for 2:00 p.m. ET, the webinar will highlight Quebec’s beautiful regions and the 1,570-kilometre long Explorers’ Route. Panelists include Kathy Leclerc (Bonjour Québec); Guillaume Travert (Abitibi-Témiscamingue); Fabienne Hervé (Laurentians); and Emerson Velasco (Outaouais).

“Quebec is a unique place, shaped by its spectacular landscape, creative culture and warm hospitality,” reads the course description. “It is a giant playground spanning over 1.6 million square kilometres. A visit to Quebec reminds you how to let go and unexpected adventures help you truly live in the moment.”

Participating agents will be entered to win a two-night stay in one of the presenting regions.

To register click here.

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