(left) Jolana Phillips-Veinott, (right) Cathy Redekopp

Redekopp, Phillips-Veinott join Trevello Travel Group

WINNIPEG — Trevello Travel Group has strengthened its team with key appointments in critical roles.

Cathy Redekopp has joined Trevello as the new Professional Development Manager for Western Canada. Says Trevello: “[Redekopp] wields an awe-inspiring background in the retail leisure travel industry. Her indomitable expertise and an illustrious history of mentoring and cultivating travel advisors make her the epitome of excellence in her field. Cathy’s appointment serves as a testament to our organization’s unwavering dedication to empowering advisors with the indispensable tools and knowledge essential for reaching unprecedented heights of success.”

Redekopp will be based in Alberta and will spearhead the transformation of professional growth initiatives throughout the region.

Trevello is also welcoming Jolana Phillips-Veinott as Learning Manager. “With an astounding wealth of experience spanning over two decades in adult education, Jolana embodies the epitome of a seasoned learning professional. Her innovative and adaptive approach to development has consistently birthed awe-inspiring interactive and engaging learning experiences. Jolana’s unwavering conviction that true learning transpires when learners actively participate in the process resonates profoundly with Trevello Travel Group’s commitment to offering meaningful and enjoyable learning opportunities.”

Says Zeina Gedeon, CEO, Trevello Travel Group Inc.: “We are ecstatic to welcome Cathy and Jolana to our esteemed team. Their unmatched expertise and unwavering passion for continuous learning and professional development will undoubtedly amplify our company’s capabilities, ushering in a new era of success for our advisors and their clients.”

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