Reconnection travel, not revenge travel, is a key motivator, says G Adventures
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Reconnection travel, not revenge travel, is a key motivator, says G Adventures

TORONTO — Think ‘reconnection travel’, not revenge travel, says G Adventures in an analysis of its latest consumer survey results.

‘Reconnection travel’ was the top reason for travelling at 41%, with revitalization travel – a desire for their next holiday to be about personal wellbeing – next at 18%. So-called revenge travel, a term that’s gained popularity especially in the U.S. as the country headed into its current travel boom – came in third in G Adventures’ survey, at 9%.

Overall 94% of Canadian travellers said travel is important to their wellbeing and mental health. More than 1,500 Canadian travellers took part in the survey.

“What this new survey demonstrates is that travellers are being much more intentional with how they select their holidays – it’s clear people want to reconnect with each other, and with the planet, when they travel again, and to ensure personal wellness is a focus as they do so,” says Bruce Poon Tip, founder, G Adventures.

Reconnection travel, not revenge travel, is a key motivator, says G Adventures

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

“The term ‘revenge travel’ conjures up a negative sentiment which is maybe why it didn’t land as it was intended to. I don’t disagree with the concept of people fighting to reclaim something they have lost, I just think there is so much opportunity for tourism to be a positive force for change in the world, and it seems travellers agree,” he added.

Other insights from G Adventures’ latest survey include …

  • When it comes to reconnecting with people, 55% want to take time out from their devices and social media, and a further 23% say socializing and meeting new people is their top wellbeing priority when booking their next holiday. 
  • 66% of travellers polled said their physical and mental wellbeing is a top consideration when booking a holiday, with 50% citing that they need a holiday to help alleviate pandemic-related stress or burnout from work. 
  • 71% of Canadians say they want to be physically active on their next holiday, and 40% also prioritize rest and relaxation.  

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