Rayani Air is first shariah-compliant airline with no alcohol, in-flight prayers

The latest low cost carrier from Malaysia, Rayani Air, focuses on piety and prides itself of being shariah-compliant.

The new airline, launched on December 20th, will have an all female flight crew wearing the hijab; no alcohol will be served on flights; all meals will be halal; and there will be onboard prayer recitals before take-off.

“Respect and Serve with a heart – this is what the Rayani Air brand encapsulates. Malaysia’s latest airline is doing what is fundamentally right in the aviation industry – committed to greater passenger satisfaction. While the industry is battling for a bigger share of passenger load, Rayani Air will instead focus on service delivery,” says the airlines website.

In the beginning, Rayani Air will service domestic routes within Malaysia, hoping to expand into popular international cities within the region. The airline will operate on Being 737s with seating for both Business and Economy classes.

The airline boasts of their generous baggage allowances (20-40kgs), extra legroom and onboard refreshments.

Other shariah-friendly airlines operate around the world, especially out of the Gulf region. Other recently introduced halal and shariah-compliant services, such as halal bottled water, shariah-compliant hotels and halal conventions, have been embraced.

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