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Open for business!

Business travel has never been easier. With downtown to downtown service, complimentary wi-fi, spacious and comfortable seats, getting work done while heading to the next meeting is a piece of cake. Avoiding long wait times in airport terminals, unpredictable highway traffic and weather only helps in making VIA Rail a smarter way to travel.

VIA Rail Spotlight Business Travel

Corporate accounts & commissions

Bonus: VIA Rail also has a corporate discount program available to both corporations and associations. Incremental savings based on yearly sales allow companies to lower their travel expenses, and travel agents receive a commission on each booking. Everyone wins, and so does the environment! With a 34% carbon footprint reduction since 2005, VIA Rail is more sustainable than plane or car travel and can help businesses’ environmental policies reach their annual objectives.


VIA Rail Spotlight Business Travel

Business class

Travelers have access to more frequencies than ever within the Québec City – Windsor corridor, which allows for greater flexibility and makes train travel that much more convenient. When choosing Business Class, passengers will have access to VIA’s Business Lounges prior to boarding. A carefully chosen 3 course meal (up to 3 options per departure!) will be offered on board as well a full bar service featuring Canadian wines and microbreweries. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

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