This quiz will determine whether a destination wedding is right for your clients

This quiz will determine whether a destination wedding is right for your clients

TORONTO — Are your clients on the fence about having a destination wedding? Do they keep see-sawing between a big blowout here at home and an intimate affair on the beach?

A new quiz by Vacation can help couples decide once and for all, and allow agents to learn more about their clients’ preferences. Available at, ‘Is A Destination Wedding Right For You’ is a simple way for couples to evaluate what’s really important on their wedding day, and covers topics like number of guests, where guests are travelling from, and what items are being pinned to their wedding Pinterest board.

Using the information couples provide, Vacation lets them know if a far-flung international destination wedding is ideal, a wedding of your dreams with a mini-vacation for loved ones is the perfect choice, or if their guest list and ideas suggest that a local, more traditional wedding would be perfect.

“Destination weddings have become more and more popular with couples for a variety of reasons. It can be a great way of getting your friends and family together in a fun location to soak up the sun or experience a new culture,” said Vacation’s Brian Hegarty. “Many couples love the idea of having a multi-day celebration with those they’re closest to, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. There are lots of factors to consider before deciding on a destination wedding, and Vacation’s quiz can help bridal couples get a better sense of their wedding style in order to choose a location.”

Send your clients Vacation’s quiz to help them pinpoint what exactly they want on their wedding day:…

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