Quark Expeditions launches AI-driven agent portal with Parker the Polar Bear

TORONTO — Polar adventure specialist Quark Expeditions has announced the launch of a new Partner Portal for travel advisors and their firms – including an industry-first AI platform that will make every advisor a polar expert.

“Our Partner Portal for travel advisors offers unmatched, industry-leading innovation and efficiency,” said Wendy Batchelor, VP Marketing for Quark Expeditions. “Anchored by the best team and the deepest experience in our sector, our blend of one-stop digital resources and lightning-fast AI tools will fuel sales success for our polar expedition partners – and this is only phase one. Look for more exciting developments soon!”

From customizable promotional and marketing materials, to the latest polar news and incentives plus Quark Expeditions’ learn-from-anywhere PolarPRO training platform, the Partner Portal provides both inspiration and education – along with Parker the Polar Bear, the industry’s first real-time, AI-driven virtual polar resource, according to the company.

“Our new AI-enabled virtual assistant leverages secure, cutting-edge language models trained by our own technology team using extensive in-house knowledge repositories,” said Rajesh Thiagarajan, Director of Digital Products with Quark Expeditions’ global development team. “Parker, together with the full suite of digital resources on the Partner Portal, will reduce time demands for advisors through fast and accurate answers to every polar client’s questions.”

To learn more about the Partner Portal and its AI capabilities, travel advisors can contact the Quark Expeditions sales team. Or click here to register.

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