Put down your phone & get a free room at this Swedish hotel

Put down your phone & get a free room at this Swedish hotel

GOTHENBURG — Would you part ways with your phone for a whole day? What if it meant a free hotel room?

The Check Out Suite in Hotel Bellora, in Gothenburg, Sweden, has issued a challenge to all guests: put down your phones and disconnect from social media for a discounted rate. The less time you spend on social media apps, the less you pay; those who don’t use their phones at all get a free night’s stay.

The hotel, which has been specifically designed for relaxation, is hoping to encourage quality time with loved ones and limit screen time. A noble cause, obviously, but short of spying on guests, how does the hotel actually monitor the use of apps?

Through an app, of course.

Guests must use Wi-Fi to connect their phones to an in-room Skärmfri (Screen-free) smart lamp that measures the total time spent on social media. Once connected, the lamp will glow white as it measures up to 30 minutes of screen time, the recommended daily usage according to studies cited by Hotel Designs.

Beyond 30 minutes, the lamp will glow red to indicate that guests must pay the full price for their room. If you don’t use your phone at all, you don’t pay anything for your room.

Of course, this also means that if you want a free room, you won’t be able to Instagram yourself actually enjoying it.

Go to https://skarmhjalpen.se/checkoutsuite/ for more information.

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