“Proud to share our culture”: Martinique Tourism Authority
Maryne Maisonnave

“Proud to share our culture”: Martinique Tourism Authority

Maryne Maisonnave, Communication & PR Coordinator for Canada for the Martinique Tourism Authority, talks about new resorts, new markets and more in this edition of Take 5.

Travel from the Canadian market is back! How did Canada perform for Martinique in 2022, and what’s the outlook for 2023?

“In 2022, the recovery took time but seems to be well on its way. Martinique is a safe destination with the same health standards as France and other European countries. With the lifting of all restrictions from August 2022, travellers are back.

“We notice that Canadians spend the most during their trip in Martinique, all nationalities combined. Also, the length of their stay has increased, to five nights. Most of them want experiences related to beaches, outdoor activities and gastronomy. This is good timing because we plan to organize a gourmet tour, especially a tour dedicated to our rums. This year will be a year focused on sustainable tourism for everyone for both visitors and local communities, who will be proud to share our culture.”

Travelweek Daily recently featured an article looking at top accommodation picks in Martinique. Are there any new resorts, or resort renovations, that agents should have on their radar?

“La Pagerie has finished renovations of their superior room with a private garden. Also, Club Med Les Boucaniers is renovating its space step by step until 2024 to offer new services such as a wellness area.

“This year you can discover three new resorts with their own environment and characteristics. Located in the north of Martinique, Madi-Créoles offers 22 apartments with all appliances needed. You can even reach a small beach directly from the residence. On the Atlantic coast, the boutique hotel French Coco is ready to welcome visitors for a luxury stay. Each room has its own private pool. Plus, French Coco is located near the Caravelle nature reserve. Finally, very soon, Sable Bleu, a new boutique hotel, will open its doors at the south of Martinique, by the marina and white sandy beaches. Three new places, three different experiences.”

What airlines currently offer Martinique from what Canadian gateways?

“Air Canada offers up to four direct flights per week from Montreal to Fort-de-France, also connecting flights from Québec, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, all year long. From mid-December to April 29, you can fly to Fort-de-France from Montreal with Air Transat (on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).

What are Martinique’s traditionally strong markets from Canada, and do you have any new or untapped markets here that you’re looking to develop?

“Canada is our second most important market right after France. Martinique’s traditionally strong market from Canada is the province of Quebec, probably thanks to the French language and the facilities to reach the island. Three years ago we started to work with the Ontario market in order to offer to potential visitors a new and authentic destination to fly to. Unfortunately, we had to stop due to the pandemic but hopefully we will develop this market again during 2023.”

What’s Martinique’s key message for agents for 2023, and what resources should agents check out for more info on Martinique?

“In 2023, Martinique remains a safe and friendly place. Travelers can visit the island by themselves, in total freedom. Whether in a hotel or a private villa, visitors can also experience an all-inclusive stay ‘à la carte’. For more information we invite agents to check our website martiniquepro.org.

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