Premier Insights by Amex GBT enables managers to consolidate all travel data

Premier Insights by Amex GBT enables managers to consolidate all travel data

TORONTO —American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is making it easier for travel managers to be more efficient and drive more savings with a new data visualization tool called Premier Insights.

Launched last month, the tool provides a complete view of managers’ travel programs and integrates American Express Corporate Cards and travel booking data into a single platform. As such, they gain access to a comprehensive, single-source view of their entire travel program.

Historically, aggregating booking and spend data has posed challenges for managers. For companies using multiple reporting platforms, it can be difficult to break down program performance data by division, incorporate new sources of incoming data and recommend areas to prioritize. Premier Insights offers a simple way to consolidate and analyze travel data. Through its easy-to-use interface, it offers clear and concise metrics to highlight and prioritize potential savings opportunities, enabling travel managers to drive accountability across their companies.

“Being able to bring transparency and value to our customers via travel consumption and spending insight has always been a top priority for GBT,” said Jacinthe Ladouceur, VP and General Manager, American Express Global Business Travel, Canada. “Premier Insights takes this process to the next level, placing invaluable insight at the fingertips of travel managers, relieving them of the stress and time often associated with pulling and sifting through data. This gives them the chance to focus on what’s most important to them – improving the overall traveller experience and driving cost savings.”

With Premier Insights, travel managers can do the following:

  • Access program leakage (areas where travellers book outside their company’s policy
  • Determine potential savings opportunities by calculating the amount that could be saved if a traveller showed an increase or decrease in certain behaviours
  • Experiment with different scenarios before policy changes and decisions are made
  • Discover new ways to save and assess their performance compared to industry peers and other companies with similar travel volumes
  •  Integrate card and travel data in one place
  • Access at-a-glance summaries or in-depth reports of their entire travel program within one tool, along with supplier-specific information
  • View, track and compare their own travel programs and determine how business units and individuals are performing
  • Track and influence employee compliance by examining their company’s performance assessments to see how they measure against established policies in other industries

Premier Insights is currently available in more than 20 countries across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. The tool is expected to integrate other corporate card types and booking data into the platform later this year.

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