Pre-calculated commission maximums with Royal Scenic’s new online booking engine

Pre-calculated commission maximums with Royal Scenic’s new booking engine

TORONTO — Royal Scenic’s new online booking engine, at, is for the exclusive use of travel agents across Canada.

“We are very proud to introduce an online booking engine that includes all of the best features available in the industry. From a content, speed and search result criteria, I believe ours is the top air consolidator online booking engine in Canada today, and we will continue to enhance it to ensure it will always meet the needs of travel professionals,” says Dmitry Kharlap, Royal Scenic’s Director of Software Development.

The new booking engine has been designed for better productivity and efficiency, and promises to improve the experience for all travel professionals who use it, says Royal Scenic. Some of the highlights of the new booking engine include:

  • A modern yet functional and user-friendly interface;
  • Advanced payment features such as pre-calculated commission maximums for charges on credit cards and airline based modes of payment;
  • Numerous search filtering options allowing agents to zero in on specific flights;
  • Only engine in the market to offer a responsive design, allowing agents to work from their mobile phones and tablets;
  • An ability to view the most current info that is synchronized with GDS; and
  • Access to the best net, dynamic discounted and published fares as well as the most comprehensive fare rules and actual baggage policies.

“Our team has worked very hard to create not only a state-of-the-art booking engine that provides the agent community with access to our stable of top tier airline contracts, but a system with features that help our partners provide their customers with exceptional service by allowing them access to information otherwise inaccessible through traditional means or that required sophisticated knowledge of the GDS to access. Our system allows the agent to focus on servicing their customer base and closing the sale rather than servicing the booking,” said Royal Scenic VP Mike Baxter.

Royal Scenic is holding three monthly draws to celebrate the launch of the new online booking engine, in April, May and June. Agents who make bookings using the new booking engine will be entered for a chance to win free air tickets to Mexico, Asia and almost anywhere Qatar Airways flies.

Royal Scenic is also inviting agents to join one of its upcoming webinars to learn more about the new booking engine. The first webinar takes place March 29 at 1 p.m. EST, and another will be held on April 12 at 1 p.m. EST. Participants who participate in the April webinar will receive five bonus entries for the April lucky draw. To register visit

New agents can sign up at For more information, agents can also call Royal Scenic at 1-888-302-8886 (Eastern Canada), 1-877-630-8882 (Quebec) or 1-877-736-6028 (Western Canada) or email at

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