Political pundit complains about four-legged seatmate, gets destroyed on Twitter
Credit: @MarkHalperin

Political pundit complains about four-legged seatmate, gets destroyed on Twitter

NEW YORK — Twitter strikes again, effectively shaming a well-known political pundit for complaining about sitting next to a dog on a plane. But not just any dog, mind you. This one sported a bow tie and a goofy, lovable grin, effectively making him the world’s most adorable pooch.

The pundit in question is Mark Halperin, a senior political analyst for NBC News who recently flew a Delta red-eye flight. Despite the many comforts that come with flying first class, Halperin took to Twitter to complain about his seatmate: a bernedoodle named Charlie who showed up for his flight dressed to the nines in a pink bow tie.

According to Slate, Charlie was flying in his own seat next to his human, Delta flight attendant Anthony Pisano, and was temporarily positioned between Pisano’s legs when Halperin tweeted a photo with the caption “Seriously, @delta??!?” But rather than finding support in Twitter-land, Halperin was eviscerated by people who quickly came to Charlie’s defense.

@david_j_roth wrote, “Wait are you somehow bothered by this?” while @HollyAnderson hilariously tweeted, “hope the dog asked to be moved”. @mampdx called out Halperin personally, saying that she “can’t believe they inconvenienced that dapper dog by allowing you on the plane”.

After getting a beating on Twitter, Halperin appeared to backtrack on his comment, tweeting: “We were abt to take off on redeye. Dog was cute. I was sharing pix & expressing surprise owner/dog hadn’t been put 2gether.”

According to Pisano, the seats were arranged A-BC-D, with Charlie sitting in 6A, Pisano in 6B and Halperin in 6C. He said Halperin called a flight attendant over because he refused to sit next to a dog. The attendant then asked Pisano if Halperin and Charlie could switch seats so that Halperin could sit by himself. He agreed, but also noted that Halperin was rude and refused to look at him as they switched.

Whether Halperin really was just surprised by the separation of man and his best friend, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Charlie just won the Internet. We’re betting he’ll have his own Twitter account in the days to come.

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