Philadelphia becomes the first World Heritage City in the U.S.

Philadelphia becomes the first World Heritage City in the U.S.

TORONTO – The United States scored a major win after it was announced that the city of Philadelphia has become the country’s first World Heritage City.

The designation, which was announced by Mayor Michael A. Nutter, and Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Commerce Director, comes as a result of a two-year campaign and is expected to enhance the city’s international stature and boost tourism in the region.

“Today marks the start of a new and exciting chapter in the history of Philadelphia, which is proud to become the first World Heritage City in the United States,” said Mayor Nutter. “As a World Heritage City, Philadelphia is being officially recognized on the global stage for its wealth of contributions to the world as the epicenter of American democracy and for its enduring commitment to preserving the unique historical and cultural assets in our diverse community.”

Deputy Mayor Greenberger added: “From its colonial history to the present day, Philadelphia has rightfully earned its place as one of the greatest cities in the world. Becoming a World Heritage City is a reflection of all that we have accomplished and a confirmation of the fact that the best is yet to come as Philadelphia continues to evolve and transform itself.”

Philadelphia is the home of Independence Hall, where America’s Founding Fathers forged democratic ideals in the Declaration of Independence, which gave birth to a nation in 1776. It is also where the United States Constitution was written and signed. Independence Hall became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

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