[PEOPLE] Trafalgar draws winner for ‘European Highlights’ contest

Trafalgar draws winner for ‘European Highlights’ contest

Samantha Knigge

TORONTO — Vancouver Flight Centre agent Samantha Knigge has been drawn as the winner of Trafalgar’s European Highlights contest that ran in the Europe edition of Travel Professional.

Trafalgar’s nine-day ‘European Highlights’ includes accommodation for eight nights, 11 meals, all land transfers, luxury air-conditioned coachs, hand-picked Insider Experience, all porterage and restaurant gratuities, must-see sighseeing experience and surprise extras, an expert travel director and VIP entry to many of the sights.

“I am so happy to receive this opportunity Travelweek and Trafalgar. I have been selling and recommending Trafalgar to all of my clients in my three years in the travel industry. All of my clients who I send away come back telling me how amazing their experience was, so I am so excited to experience it firsthand. I can’t wait to learn more about this fantastic company so I can continue to pass on my knowledge to many more clients,” said Kinge about her win.

For more about Trafalgar, go to trafalgar.com.

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